Black Belt Magazine Exclusive Offer for USJA Members

Gary S. Goltz, President /  Katrina Davis, Executive Director

Black Belt Magazine Membership Form

Black Belt Magazine Interview with USJA President, Gary Goltz

We are pleased to announce starting May 1, 2009 Black Belt Magazine will offer an exclusive to USJA members for half off their subscription price. Black Belt also plans to feature more articles on judo and a section devoted to the activities of the USJA!

Our new USJA & Black Belt Magazine Membership Form reflects the Black Belt Magazine subscription option. In addition to this exciting new benefit, the USJA is still the best value of all the national judo organizations as we include with your membership the following:

Free Liability Insurance: As soon as a club registers five or more members, it receives free liability insurance coverage. This insurance covers all club officials at the club practice sessions. It includes the coach, assistant coach, president, secretary and all other club officials.

Privileges of Making Nationally Recognized Promotions in Judo: USJA ranks are recognized nationally. Other ranks may not be recognized at the national level. The USJA issues a rank certificate and rank membership card to every individual promoted by the USJA. This is an important benefit.

The Right of Exclusive Sanctions for Judo Tournaments: USJA charted clubs can apply for exclusive sanctions for their tournaments and other events. Each year the USJA co hosts the widely attended Junior Nationals followed by the Winter Nationals which is open everyone! Club Charter Certificates: Each USJA chartered club receives a beautiful certificate as soon as it registers five members or when it progresses to a higher charter level. There is a certificate for each level and all are issued free of charge. All USJA chartered clubs are recognized on our website on a continuing basis via our highly efficient up-to-date-database and our exclusive coaches’ portal.

Family Memberships. The USJA offers a family membership plan as another way for a family to save money. If you have three or more members in the same family you qualify for a significant discount.  USJA Summer Camps. Each year the USJA sanctions a series of summer camps at many locations throughout the United States for both juniors and seniors. These camps feature certifications in all USJA certification areas, as well as promotion exams, competition techniques and fun for the entire family.  USJA Grassroots Clinics. As a USJA member, you will have an opportunity to attend clinics given by top coaches and competitors every year. These clinics give you an opportunity to meet, talk to, learn from, and practice with some of the best judo leaders throughout the country.

Coach, Rank Examiner, Kata, and Referee Certification. The USJA has developed and administers a comprehensive certification program in each of these areas. This means that you will receive the best coaching and officiating possible as a USJA member in a USJA club, school, or competitive event.  Purchasing Power. The USJA currently has agreements in addition to Black Belt Magazine with Golden Tiger Martial Arts, Zebra Mats, and several other companies. These arrangements offer USJA club leaders and members significant discounts on gis, tatamis, and other equipment.

National Board or Directors. The USJA is a highly democratic organization that is responsive to the needs of our members. The USJA has a national board of directors who are elected by the senior membership. As a USJA senior member (18 years of age and older), you are eligible to run and vote for the leaders of your choice giving you the member a direct and clear voice at the national level.

Note: If you are already an active member and want to take advantage of the Black Belt Magazine offer please contact our office at 877-411-3409 or We also encourage everyone to confirm with us that we have your up-to-date information on file.