Don't Call Me Sir! Funding Phase

Press Release for Supporting Judo Organizations

In a few months Kayla and I will begin filming “Don’t Call Me Sir!”, a movie inspired by Rusty Kanokogi.   We have a working script and have received much positive feedback We have received amazing support from the Judo Federation of Australia and expect the same from the EJU.

Our Hollywood and Madison Avenue marketing experts say that this movie will do for judo what “Rocky” did for boxing and “The Karate Kid” did for karate.  They say that it is a feel-good movie that will reach a huge audience.

Hollywood likes the story and the script and would finance the movie in a heartbeat if a name actress portrayed Rusty They want me to do what Clint Eastwood did when he hired Hillary Swank to portray a boxer in “Million Dollar baby”.  They don’t understand that judo can’t be faked like boxing or karate.  Hollywood cares only about making money – I/we I care only about judo.

I believe that Kayla will be great as Rusty.  She is every bit as great a person as she is a judoka.  If a Hollywood studio would make the movie it would cost upwards of twenty five million dollars.  I am making it for under five million.  We already have an offer of half that if we film in Ontario, Canada.

We now have a target of $250,000 to raise.  We are looking at a variety of ways to fund the difference.  We are still seeking money from individual investors in the judo community.  For each dollar pledged by your members, two dollars will be donated to your respective organizations from the movie’s revenue received by the production company.  We are also exploring crowd sourcing as a way of funding.

Help support the development of this movie.  Please  ask your members and constituencies to help by visiting


Bo Svenson