Office Update

The USJA Board of Directors (BoD) would like to advise our members of actions that took place this past week.

Following the resignation of one our office staff it became apparent there was a huge backlog in processing registrations, promotions, sanctions, etc. To this end the BoD decided to do a site visit and evaluate the status of the office as well as lend a hand catching things up.

Upon arrival it became obvious that the Office Manager was going to resist any help offered regardless of the overwhelming backlog. By refusing to cooperate even to open access to the USJA property for the BoD, there was little choice but to terminate him for insubordination. Because it was impossible to discuss these serious issues with Executive Director who had refused to return from vacation without a five year employment contract, she was also terminated.

Several members of the BoD remained at the National Office in Florida the rest of the week  including the President, a computer expert, as well as numerous volunteers that immediately stepped in to help learning and supporting the smooth running of the office.  While often changes are regrettable, the planned recovery resulted in catching the office up on its two month backlog.

Be assured your BoD are dedicated to all USJA clubs and members.  Any changes that might be under consideration will be well thought out and will only be implemented in the best interest of the Association.

We advise everyone that the USJA remains strong and dedicated to judo and our membership. There should be little in the way of any major negative impact. We will keep everyone posted with updates on our plans and on any further developments, thanks.

If you need more information rather than listening to rumors and gossip, please contact any member of our BoD who are all here to serve your best interests.

Respectfully and officially submitted,

USJA Board of Directors

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