New USJA Judo Technical Manual and Study Guide with Senior Rank Promotion System

It’s here! The new USJA Judo Technical Manual and Study Guide with Senior Rank Promotion System

USJA Senior Manual 9-14 1

It’s been three years in the making and the new USJA Judo Technical Manual and Study Guide with Senior Rank Promotion System, is now complete. The new Guide has gone through multiple versions, re-writes and editing and has been unanimously approved by your Board of Directors and the USJA Promotion Board.

The new Guide has a completely updated promotion system that will look familiar but has fundamental changes that every senior member needs to know about and every member needs for their upcoming senior promotions.  There are changes in testing standards and test content as well as time in grade requirements with reduced TIG for those who are extremely active with our organization.

USJA Senior Manual 9-14 2

The new Guide is a departure from the manual that we have used for nearly four decades.  It has a new cover, the paper is a thick coated stock enclosed in a soft permanent binding that is 3-hole punched for use in standard 3-ring binder. This is so when updated pages are created, they can be downloaded from our website and simply inserted into your new Guide.

We anticipate adding a new Junior Guide & Manual in the near future and so both of the books can be neatly stored together in a single 3-ring binder.

The revised promotion system will become permanent on April 1, 2015 and until that time; the current system will still be accepted.  After April 1, 2015, the old system will no longer be accepted for senior promotions and will be returned to the member for re-processing.  A new Request for Promotion (RFP) form has been added to the Downloads Page of the USJA website.  All new Senior Promotion, Validation and Rank Examiner forms  which strictly conform to revised and updated system are also listed below for your convenience.

USJA Senior Manual 9-14 3

Certified Rank Examiners (CRE) of all levels will be expected to obtain a copy of the new Guide and familiarize themselves with every aspect.  Each Certified Rank Examiner will then asked to update their certification with the purchase the manual.  Please refer to this notice from the Promotion Board for more specific details on the updated CRE Certification Program.

We have arranged for book to be digitally printed on demand and sent to the member that requests it directly by the printer and for that reason; the USJA will not incur inventory charges.  All orders will take an extra few days to ship from the printer and so you should anticipate a longer period to receive the books ordered on the print on demand schedule.

Order your copy from our on line store or by calling the USJA office today.  The regular price is $50.00 which includes shipping, thanks.

Key Links to New USJA Forms:

USJA Board of Directors                              USJA Promotion Board:

Gary Goltz, President                                         Ernie Smith, Chairman

Marc Cohen, Vice President                                Walter Dean, Vice Chair

John Paccione, Treasurer                                   Gary Monto, Secretary

Dave Goodwin, Secretary                                   Dr. Ronald Allan Charles

Sparky Bollinger, Director                                  Raymond Conte

Michelle Holtze, Director                                    Jesse Goldstein

Brian Money, Director                                        Sanders Ishisaka

———————–                                                  Lynn Roethke

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