Coach Education

Coach Education Committee

Coaches Must be an Active Annual or Sustaining Life Member with a Clear Background Screen and Safe Sport Certificate 


Mike Szrejter, Committee Chair, Florida

Ed Thibedeau, Vice Chair, Arkansas

Jason Morris, International & National Advisor, New York

George Weers, Illinois

Bill Myers, New York

Lynn Roethke, Wisconsin

Pete Mantel, Connecticut

Hayward Nishiokaex officio, California

While there are many activities to accomplish and numerous objectives to be met, the USJA Coaching Education and Certification Committee has these main goals:

Coaching Class Approved Instructors Phone State Level
Mike Szrejter 561-704-3414 FL MC
Ed Thibedeau 501-425-5638 AR MC
Dr. Ronald Allan Charles 843-469-3485 SC MC
Manmohan Chima 214-566-9591 TX 3
Marc Cohen 516-650-8731 NY 1
Gary Goltz 909-702-3250 CA MC
Roy Hash 940-733-7730 TX 3
Dave Passof 516-650-8987 NY 2
Dave Overbury 562-522-6038 CA 2
Brian Rowe 423-439-2047 TN 3
Charles Schweizer 516-528-9089 NY 3
Matt Vander Horck 562-824-8965 CA 3
Jovany Varela 213-820-2042 CA 3
James Wall 225-573-1664 LA 3

Coaching Badge Procedure

Upon certification as a coach a coaching badge can be obtained by sending an e-mail to the USJA Office  with a small passport size head shot jpg. The badge is $25.00. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your badge.

Safe Sport Program

Please remember all coaches now must take and pass this on-line test.  You may do this at your convenience. It takes between 2 and 3 hours total but can be completed in segments.  Once you have completed the program, please send a copy of the certificate to the USJA Office.  Please go to Safe Sport and click on the “Register” link under “Training” at the bottom of the page.


USJA Coach Education Overview and Guidelines

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