Development Committee

Building good people, strong communities, great athletes … in that order

Chair: Roy Hash

The mission of the United States Judo Association Development Committee is to build stronger communities and better people through the discipline, physical conditioning, focus and ethical values learned in judo. Goals and activities of the USJA development program are aimed at making these quality programs available throughout America. Regional Training Centers (RTCs) and the Women’s Sub Committee are under the umbrella of this committee.

Outline for the Development of USJA Regional Training Centers (RTCs)


Create and efficiently perpetuate coordinated “bottom up” development program to methodically advance the skills for success of all athletes and coaches within a region

RTC Plan

From all existing registered USJA clubs in good standing, organize a system of partner clubs to operate as Regional Training Centers (RTCs) to which promising Judoka (as judged using clear published guidelines) are referred. Costs for athletes with demonstrated financial need will be subsidized by the USJA, if needed, and as possible and permitted by related published funding guidelines and availability.

The exact format of the regional training center will be determined by the partner clubs. They may wish to select a single location for practices, rotate practices among existing clubs or RTCs may even be new clubs chartered as RTCs from inception. Under no conditions will regional training centers be used as ‘recruitment’ centers to solicit players to join a specific club. Each training center will be responsible for developing procedures to sanction members who engage in recruiting at the center and other prohibited practices.