Kata Certification

Kata Certification Committee

Following is a list of Committee Members with e-mail. Please contact one of the members if you wish to arrange a Kata Clinic and/or a Certification Evaluation. To send the committee member a message, simply click on his/her E Mail. The member will then help you arrange for a sanction to be issued and the listing of your clinic on the Scheduled Events Page.

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Name Rank Phone State Status
Gary L. Monto 8D 419-693-3682 OH Chairman
Dr. Ronald A. Charles 8D 843-553-6702 SC Member
Robin Fernandez 4D 562-941-1306 CA Member
Gene Fodor 7D 419-726-1959 OH Member
Jeff Giunta 3D 585-787-9712 NY Member
Heiko Rommelman Jr. 4D 585-766-4934 NY Member
Charles Schweizer 4D 516-528-9089 NY Member
Kata Certification Levels

C – Level:  Can demonstrate the kata as uke or tori, they can get through the kata without too much trouble or errors. Minimum age of 10.

B – Level:  Can demonstrate uke and tori at a reasonably high level or coach teams that do, but do not fit into the “Expert” category. Minimum age of 15.

A – Level:  This is your expert teams, or coaches that have teams at this level. Minimum age of 18.

Kata Certification Application