Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators   

Committee Chair: Justin Weston, 417-438-6460

Vice Chair: Celita Schutz, 917-613-3208

Committee Members:

Alabama – Help Wanted
Arizona – Help Wanted
California (Northern) – Henry Kaku
California (Southern) – Help Wanted
Colorado – Help Wanted
Florida – Ruperto Arteaga
Midwest (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas) – Justin Weston
Mid-Atlantic (Maryland, Virginia, D.C.) – Marshall Coffman
Gulf Region (Louisiana , Mississippi & Surrounding Area) – James Wall
Great Lakes Region (Ohio, Michigan & Surrounding Area) – Help Wanted
Tennessee/Kentucky – Mackel Reagan / Eric P. Schwalm / Jason Bruce
New York City/Long Island – Dave Passoff, Dave Goodwin
New York (Upstate) – Heiko Rommelmann
New Mexico – Loren Bentley
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas (Northern) – Ed Thibedeau
Mississippi (Northern), Missouri (Eastern), Iowa (Eastern), Illinois, Kentucky (Western) – Alex Rounds
Virginia (Southern), West Virginia, North Carolina – Leo Valdes
New Jersey – Help Wanted
Pennsylvania – Help Wanted
South Carolina/Georgia – Ronald Allan Charles
Minnesota/Wisconsin – Help Wanted
Texas – Ed Carol
Montana/Idaho – Gregg Trude
Washington/Oregon – Alan Best
New England (Northern) – Roger Lenfest
New England (Southern) – Will Williams
Nevada – John Weiner
Utah – Fred Louis

Goal/Objective of Regional Coordinators:

The goal of these coordinators is to facilitate development of judo on all levels. The regional coordinator, he/she should contact and encourage many clubs and individuals to participate and host events aimed at increasing participation (via the USJA) in judo.

Possible duties and activities:

1. Soliciting feedback and suggestions from local clubs and judoka:

2. Serving as a resource person for his/her area:

3. Coordinating USJA Judo events, such as camps, clinics, and exchanges between clubs such as inter dojo workouts in his/her area:

4. Support hosting clubs with arrangements and logistics: setting fees and schedules, getting sanctions, etc.

5. Functioning as a liaison between his/her region and the national organization:

 6. Promoting publicity for USJA and judo:

Attention Club Leaders & Coaches:

If you wish to refer back to a feature article in Growing Judo for valuable information about teaching/coaching judo, please visit the Growing Judo Page.