Standards and Ethics

Standards and Ethics Committee

Mission Statement

The USJA Code of Ethics is our statement of purpose. It is the guideline for our commitment to a standard of excellence and integrity unprecedented in sports. It is the mission of the USJA Standards and Ethics Committee to encourage, support and foster the ethical behavior of all USJA members as well as to establish a policy of intolerance for behavior contrary to the USJA’s established Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics

Team Travel Policy

Complaint Procedures

Background Screening Policy

Background Screening Consent Form

DOJ National Sex Offender Public Website

Expelled and Suspended Members

Link to: Official Documents

Following is a list of the Committee Members  

Hon. Walter Dean, JD (760) 944-9486 CA CHAIRMAN
Stacey Knapp, JD (815) 776-0958 IL Vice Chair
Gene Fodor (419) 349-8613 OH Member
Michael Hall (516) 417-8581 NY Member
Glenn Nakawaki (909) 262-0990 CA Member
George Pasiuk (914) 413-9944 NY Member