Benefits of Charter Club Status

USJA Charter Club status is awarded to a club when the club registers five or more members with the USJA.  When you achieve charter club status, each member will receive discounts on their annual membership dues and promotion. Additional benefits for all USJA Charter Club, its Coach, and their Members include;

  1. Free Liability Insurance:
  2. Privileges of Making Nationally Recognized Promotions in Judo
  3. The Rights of Exclusive Sanctions for Judo Events
  4. Coaches Portal for Club Leaders to use from any Smart Phone
  5. Club Charter Certificates at No Charge (with 10 or More Members)
  6. Twelve-Month Memberships
  7. National Board of Directors (Elected by the Members)
  8. USJA Clinics, Summer Camps, and Tournaments
  9. Coach, Rank Examiner, Kata and Referee Certification
  10. Growing Judo Our Free On Line Magazine and Black Belt Magazine Subscription for Only $15
Read the full document here – USJA Benefits of a Chartered Club