Level 2 - Technical Supervisor

Level 2 – Technical Supervisor

The second module is meant to cover the more intricate and complicated details involved in Technical Official work, and to develop qualified supervisors and trainers of the Level 1 Technical Officials described above. Specifically, the Level 2 module is meant to train, develop, and certify people to serve as Table Supervisors and Head Scorekeepers (also known as Pairing Officials). The second module also presents a training curriculum that can be used to train and certify new worker-level Technical Officials. People certified at Technical Official Level 2 are required to go back to their home region and begin training and certifying new Technical Officials. The Level 2 certification is good for three years, and in order to stay current with this level of certification, a person must work at least two tournaments over the three year period as either a Table Supervisor or a Head Scorekeeper, and also must train and certify at least two new Technical Officials. Persons interested in becoming certified at this level must either already be certified at the lower level, or have a significant amount of Technical Official experience.