Level 3 - Technical Advisor

Level 3 – Technical Advisor

The third module is meant to develop individuals capable of assisting tournament directors as mediators and people to whom authority can be delegated and trainer of technical supervisors (level 2). In the event of unforeseen complications involving rules interpretation, the technical advisor can step in and hand down a ruling within the scope of the existing rules. The level 3 module also provides for a curriculum in which to develop and train new technical supervisors. Once a person has achieved the technical advisor certification, he/she must return to their home region and begin to train and develop new supervisors (level 2) and officials (level 1). The certification is good for 3 years and to maintain certification a technical advisor must work at least 1 tournament per year as an advisor, coordinator, or director, and train 3 technical supervisors over three years or have served on the technical officials committee. At present only members and former members of the committee are Certified Technical Advisors.