Grassroots Judo™

The leaders of Grassroots Judo™ are the Presidents, the Executive Directors, and the Legal Counsels of the USJA and the USJF. Our aim is to grow Judo and enable people to contribute to society. We are the organizations of choice for coaches and students to train in the fundamentals of “big” Judo. [Judo spelled with a big “J” means the holistic contribution of Judo to society. Judo spelled with a little “j” is the sport and recreational (technical) aspects of judo]. We hope to facilitate a way for the most skilled and talented instructors, competitors, coaches, and referees in the country to give back to judo through the USJA and USJF.

Upcoming Grassroots Judo™ Events

*(Interested parties please contact Robert Fukuda at the USJF)

**(Interested parties please contact Marc Cohen at the USJA)

II Grassroots Judo™ Core Values

III Grassroots Judo™ Core Purposes & Objectives

IV Grassroots Judo™ Value Proposition

VI Grassroots Judo™ Benefits of Judo

VI Current Grassroots Judo™ Joint USJF /USJA Tournaments

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Videos of Past Grassroots Judo™ Events  by Chris Mitsuoka

Junior Nationals 2013 in Pittsburgh  

Winter Nationals 2012 in Los Angeles – Seniors

Winter Nationals 2012 in Los Angeles – Juniors